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Gallery Update: 2019 Events & Shoots

10 October 2019
Posted by maria with 0 Comments

Hey everyone, to continue with huge updates, I added pictures of Andy from all the events that he has attended this year so far including San Diego Comic-Con, to which I also added the photo session Andy did with the b99 cast at the event!


SITE UPDATE: Photoshoots

10 August 2017
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Hello! I deeply apologize for this ugly late update on this subject, after several months of having the site up, I finally uploaded a bunch of photo sessions Andy has done through the years. The count is currently on over 200 and is still missing a bunch of stuff that will be appearing in the gallery very soon!





 Photo Sessions > 2005

Photo Sessions > 2008

Photo Sessions > 2009

Photo Sessions > 2011

Photo Sessions > 2012

Photo Sessions > 2013

Photo Sessions > 2014

Photo Sessions > 2015

Photo Sessions > 2016

Photo Sessions > 2017